Gardner tells attorney to show up in court while on leave

st. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – News 4 found out Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner sent a letter to one of her line attorneys telling them to show up in court, even though they’re on leave.

On Monday, a jury trial against 18-year-old Jonathan Jones was supposed to start. He’s one of the people accused of shooting and killing Brandon Scott back in September 2021 near the arch grounds.

When no prosecutors showed up for trial this week, the judge told Gardner she has to go to court this upcoming Monday. He wants her to explain why she shouldn’t be held in contempt.

The assistant circuit attorney on this case has reportedly been on leave. That’s where this new letter comes in. We learned today Gardner had two of her employees, both who worked as investigators in the office, went to that attorney’s house.

We’re told they waited until the attorney got home, then gave them a letter from Gardner saying quote, “You are directed to appear in court,” on Monday.

They also dropped off a copy of the judge’s notice sent to Gardner threatening to hold her in contempt. News 4 reached out to Gardner’s office and are waiting for a response.

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