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The National Law Review covers a variety of global and international legal news, which not only affects countries outside the US but also international relations within the US. From multinational companies doing business in foreign locations, and new tax implications

Who Moves Out When You Separate?

If the property is in your name only, it is sometimes the belief that the other person should be the one to leave. However there are circumstances, in particular if you have children, where you may be wise to think

What To Know & Do Upon Separation

Some of the problems that commonly arise relating to finances upon separation include:

  • Hiding of assets
  • Bank accounts being drained
  • Selling off property
  • Bills not being paid (eg mortgages, loans, credit cards)
  • Lack of access to financial resources; or
  • Lack

Thirsty beer drinkers want … –

Stewart J has dismissed Brick Lane’s ACL[1] and passing off complaints against the get-up of Torquay Beverage Co’s Better Beers.

Some facts

On July 21, 2021Brick Lane issued a press release announcing the launch of its new Sidewinders

Fearless Ladies! –

Seaside J has dominated that Maurice Blackburn didn’t breach any of State Road International’s rights within the Fearless Woman statue by arranging for a duplicate to be displayed on the launch of a marketing campaign to handle the gender pay

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