What impact will new laws have on social media platforms?

What does the abhorrent violent materials invoice really imply?

If you need to learn the brand new invoice firsthand, the Sharing of abhorrent violent materials invoice definition of what’s meant by “abhorrent violent materials”. The 24 web page doc outlines the circumstances beneath which one is in violation of this new social media posting regulation.

What is classed as abhorrent violent conduct?

Part 474.32 states that the sharing of abhorrent violent materials happens when an individual/s:

(a) engages in a terrorist act; or
(b) murders one other particular person; or
(c) makes an attempt to homicide one other particular person; or

(d) tortures one other particular person; or
(e) rapes one other particular person; or
(f) kidnaps one other particular person

Enterprise Australia’s article concerning strict new social media legal guidelines takes the conservative proper place and this raises numerous issues.

Is the brand new regulation proper, making an attempt to manage what’s posted on-line?

Naturally, the query of whether or not it is proper to put up such delicate and doubtlessly scarring imagery, was on the forefront of the dialogue. The truth is, it is nonetheless very a lot a trending subject.

Is the dialogue surrounding censorship really the difficulty confronting us right this moment? Is it proper, honest, simply and in most people’s curiosity to stop the publishing of inflammatory content material?

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